Today, a day after Guns Save Life shared their new hire announcement of Weis with gun owners throughout the nation, Troy now claims Weis won’t be joining them after all. I haven't seen any problems other than its pretty heavy. People for TROY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (09793984) More for TROY INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (09793984) Registered office address Unit G25 Waterfront Studios, 1 Dock Road, London, United Kingdom, E16 1AH . You speak of the government as if it is a single evil person. So is anyone here going to boycott Troy industries? $310.00. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If you ever figure out how to get the love of righteousness artificially injected into the human let me know. f*** Troy... there isn't a single part they make on any of my firearms. Every time a see a Troy pump AR I puke a little in my mouth. They are still in buisness. Apologies, while they may hurt the pride (or the pocketbook) are easy. He was found out and forced to give up his trophy (stuffed bear) as well as apologize publicly plus pay a fine. Never forget HS/P hired him as a spokemen an more shortly after uncle paid Weaver for his fuckup, never comps for a life lost comp, but revenge is sweeter the longer it takes to happen. Feb 13, 2017 8,858 15,402 Camano Island, Washington. How can you then argue for “peace” from the citizenry based on some flawed revenge body count. I have a ton of Troy parts on one of my rifles. Troy stands by their employee, Lon Horiuchi's partner at Ruby Ridge! Troy Industries that is. The government on the other hand does not condemn psychopaths like Horiuchi, or thugs like Art Roderick, Larry Cooper, and Bill Degan. Available in .223, .300 AAC, .308, .243 Win, and .338 Fed Troy Industry boycott still in place. Sight Adjustment Tool. Ruby Ridge and Waco happened 33 years apart from LaVoy Finicum. UPDATE #4. Never in jail, Just following orders? Company status Dissolved Dissolved on 20 November 2018. He should be in super max. Our company vision is to build a better future for independent distributors. $429.99. There can be no peace when the government never repents of it’s wickedness. The government is made up of people. PX Member. Coonan is still on shaky ground with Evolve, as far as I'm concerned, though. View. LaVoy had to almost wreck into a roadblock before he became “dangerous”. There’s a reason why most of the world’s top military weapon’s producers seek out Troy and why many products in the line set the industry standard – innovation through experience TM. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. Troy Industries. Watch Queue Queue I think gun owner outrage at companies generally lasts a year or two. I'll look elsewhere. May 11, 2020 #2 ... Is it true or not; did the murderer ever work for or have business ties with Troy Industries? No government that I know of ever has, except maybe Germany, sort of...but it took the bulk of the world's industrial war machine turning German cities into brick piles to make that happen. Was looking at some of their parts, but if they are still following the same stance as before I'll look elsewhere. Now he is dead, at 50. ( at one point that was literally the only product that they had where they beat everyone else at... because there weren't too many people making buis and there were only shitty mcshit companies like ARMS etcetera making them..) I'm surprised they're still in business. Salaries, reviews and more - all posted by employees working at Troy Industries. He alone is who gets to live with what he did. If yes, boycott that company. Out of Stock. When looking through standard round apertures, that isn't such a problem. That is food for thought.??? There is literally nobody who was working for the FBI at Waco that was still around for the BLM debacle. Everybody spread the word. I often wonder how 535 people have gotten this much control over 350+ million people, especially when the vast majority do not approve of the job they are doing. Is it true or not; did the murderer ever work for or have business ties with Troy Industries? For me it starts and ends with my tax dollars shouldn’t be paying for the murder of innocent American citizens,,,, pacific northwest Washington state skagit county,, Dubious decisions in LaVoy Finicum shooting case revealed in trial of acquitted FBI agent. I didn't include those who were "merely" wounded though. Last I saw on the interwebz, he had gotten some plastic surgery and was living in a gated community somewhere in Hawaii. Recession Risk Determine whether Troy Industries grew or shrank during the last recession. I know the Springfield TRU (Swat Team) is issued a lot of troy equipment. Nice people and quality stuff. Hes the one who shot Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge and is accused of shooting at Waco. Watch Queue Queue. Backstory: Troy Industries hired a rabidly anti-gun ex-police chief from Chicago to help them (apparently) secure government contracts for their tactical products by adding him to their "Troy Asymmetric" team. I screwed up. A bad day at the range is still better thana good day at work. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. Ron and Jake stop by the Troy Industries Booth during SHOT Show 2017.. For more information on Big 3 East Media and our Events, check out Sinful, pathetic, fucked up people, just like you and me. TROY Founder & CEO, Steve Troy, shares his personal images from today's D Day Remembrance activities in Normandy, France. The government refuses to obey God, which has always lead to murder. Price: $8.10. What does that have to do with Ruby Ridge, Waco, or Lon Horiuchi? Products 1-24 of 103. Their revenge wasn't justified for the murders that were committed at Ruby Ridge and Waco. I had forgot about that shit stain!!! It's been five years and the hate is still strong, it seems. Get the inside scoop on jobs, salaries, top office locations, and CEO insights. I want to make a poster of this guy. And, it’s in the Air Force that we both used GAU-5 and GUU-5 carbines. Google him. It was bad last week when Troy Asymmetric (Part of Troy Industries) hired and then fired anti-gun Chicago top-cop Jody Weis over his hatred of the … Using products that are nearly the best isn’t an option when lives are on the line. Engineering and Manufacturing in one place. Discussion in 'Firearms News and Firearms related political news' started by Joe, Sep 2, 2013. I didn't learn till just now that he pushed for immunity for the murderer. Find out what works well at Troy Industries from the people who know best. Troy Industries really stepped hip deep in the kimchee with their hiring of Jody Weis as an instructor in their training division, Troy Assymetric. Salaries, reviews and more - all posted by employees working at Troy Industries. That kind of predictable bad behavior would be comical if the outcome wasn’t dead Americans. 76 Branch Davidians died at Waco, including 25 kids. Uncover why Troy Industries is the best company for you. What McVeigh and Nichols did was just as evil as what Horiuchi did. I've messed around with a bunch of it shooting with those guys. -, What The Hell's The Problem With Troy Industries? Never forget HS/P hired him as a spokemen an more,... shortly after uncle paid Weaver for his fuckup, never comps for a life lost, but revenge is sweeter the longer it takes to happen. Ruger is long since not the same company that rolled over on the locks and magazine capacity, so I'm not too worried about funding them. Highly creative environment exploring new technologies and methods to be cutting edge. Popular videos from Shot Show 2017, covering a wide range of products. Is there a statue of limitation on boycotts? Auschwitz Memorial Hospital still have a poor reputation? See what employees say about what it's like to work at Troy Industries. Article that started it all: Troy Industries hires anti-gun, cowardly political hack Jody Weis as an instructor UPDATED: Coward fired. THE “STILL” 50-STATE LEGAL TROY Pump Action Series of Rifles FEATURING AN UPGRADED HANDLE FOR 2017. Those guys probably still think that Bush Jr. is still president or something. The founding fathers enshrined the fact that we are governed by consent, without OUR consent our government could not govern us. One of the, if not THE most vocal and active supporter of our rights in general. On the contrary, the government endorses and protects them. I know they were in the toilet, reputation wise, a few years ago but not sure if they've rebounded since then. Minuteman. Be sure to enter the NES/MFS December Giveaway ***Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22lr***. I won't be buying any Troy products until then. .. Support Spike's Tactical. This video is unavailable. I know they were in the toilet, reputation wise, a few years ago but not sure if they've rebounded since then. Is that your plan? The Troy Industries battle sights are great but I will be changing the apertures on the rear. What he did may have been justified in his head but not many will agree with his results. Thanks everyone. Seems like we don't have many to kick in the balls, or lack thereof, or a Falcon Punch or a kick to the Cooter,--. - The Truth About Guns. If he Mc Cunt had parked a van outside of the DOJ with the results being a bunch of beauracracy was eliminated...... well maybe then you can say that there was some retribution. Excellent Working environment. And a came home from work because my blood pressure was high....... sheesh. You must log in or register to reply here. We believe in offering the very best product ranges that are available on the market from carefully selected suppliers. If you enjoy the forum please consider supporting it by signing up for a NES Membership  The benefits pay for the membership many times over. I have no problem with Troy hiring the cop who killed an innocent patriots wife and mother of his baby. Item #: TY ST00-ADJ-000T-00 - Easily adjust elevation on Troy Front M4 and HK Style BattleSights? This article says that William Barr wrote the opinion for giving immunity for the murderer. JavaScript is disabled. Didn't they hire they guy that killed Randy Weavers wife? If you want to see what people are really like; give them some power or authority. Troy Industries (3) Price Update Stock Status In Stock (12) Sort By: Knights Armament (KAC) Knights Armament KAC Mk11 folding front sight, push button NOS. Compare how recession-proof Troy Industries is relative to … Owner Steve Troy and I first met in 1998 while serving in the Air Force while we were both deployed to Ali Al Salaam Air Base in Kuwait with different units. See more ideas about troy industries, troy, gun gear. Or a shirt that says OBEY with that picture of them posing over the ashes. This is useful in estimating the financial strength and credit risk of the company. I had forgot about that shit stain!!! OBEY OR THEY WILL POSE OVER THE ASHES OF YOUR CHILDREN. Mar 9, 2013 - Explore The Armament Group, LLC's board "Troy Industries" on Pinterest. In an effort to continue advancing the AR platform, Troy Industries has brought out several new accessories for customizing the AR in 2017. I am its owner, it bears my name and as we have witnessed in recent days, effects public opinion of all Troy divisions. I'll fix it, and try not to do it... Somebody has been watching the Waco on Netflix. THE THREAT OF GOVERNMENT IS WHY WE HAVE THE 2ND AMENDMENT. I bet even YHM skinflint gun will weigh less than the equivalent Troy product. Retail: $9.00. Gunfighter14e2 Rusty Nail. Tory Industries is at Shot Show 2014, showing off their upgrade packages, complete with Upper, BCG, and Collapsible Butt Stock. Absolutely, the most exciting firearm announcement for me at SHOT Show 2016 was from Troy Industries. now that theres at least 3 or 4 companies that make non shit buis theres no reason to buy troy anything. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In this playlist, see the new products from Troy Industries in 2017 and some historical background videos. and windage on Troy Front and Rear BattleSights with Troy?s BattleSight Adjustment Tool. For as much as you want to believe what you read on the web............ umm...Sir, this is the Wendy's drivethrough? Was looking at some of their parts, but if they are still following the same stance as before I'll look elsewhere. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I don’t endorse them, I condemn them. Quick View. type, but here you go: Since 1989, Exxon. Troy Asymmetric, part of the “World of Troy,” is a business entity with a director who until this past week, held exclusive hiring authority. Show. Boycott Troy Industries until they get the message and fire the guy, and make a clear statement as to the reason why. Troy is also releasing a … See what employees say about what it's like to work at Troy Industries. TROY INNOVATIONS LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers, charges, business activity JavaScript is disabled. A lot better than average outrage, which tends to be about 3 weeks. 01/26/2017: See all trademarks and details in the Full Report. The diamond-shape aperture is a good idea but my astigmatism has worsened in my right eye and that diamond shape rear aperture makes the front sight post appear bent. I pointed out what happened with LaVoy Finicum, because the same train of abuses are perpetrated by, in this case, the exact same FBI HRT. Among a lifetime of killing countless animals for trophies, Troy Gentry of the Duo 'Montgomery Gentry' was convicted in 2004 of killing a tame bear (video) in a canned hunt and bragged about it publicly calling it a hunt in the wild.

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